2012-2013 Application for Admission

Application Information

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Congratulations on your decision to continue your education at John Wood Community College! Completion of this online application is the first admission step for most students. You need to complete this application if any of the following statements apply:
  • You plan to complete a degree or certificate program.
  • You plan to enroll in six or more credit hours per semester (generally 2 classes).
  • You plan to apply for federal or state financial aid programs.
  • You have previously completed a degree or certificate program and want to earn a new degree or certificate.

If none of these statements apply, you may register during regular business hours on a walk-in basis or by calling the college at (217) 224-6500.

The JWCC staff looks forward to helping you make the most of your college experience. Please contact us anytime you have questions.

Admission Procedure

Please read this section prior to completing the JWCC online application. John Wood Community College has an open door admission policy that provides access to programs, courses, and services to anyone who can benefit from them. General admission to the college will be granted to any person 18 years of age or older who possesses either a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) diploma.

Admission Steps for Most Students

  1. Complete this online application and return the printed application agreement statement to the Admissions Office. (There are no costs in applying for admission or in being admitted.)
  2. Provide the Admissions Office with official transcripts of all prior educational experiences. These transcripts often include but are not limited to the following:
    • High school transcript or GED exam scores
      • High school transcript: To obtain a copy of your high school transcript, call or send a written request to the office of your high school.
      • GED exam scores: If you did not graduate from high school but did successfully complete a GED exam, you must provide a copy of your GED exam scores. Contact the office of the regional superintendent of schools for your school district to request a record of your GED exam scores.
      • Homeschool transcript: Students who were homeschooled need to provide a notarized copy of their homeschool transcript.
    • College transcript(s) – To obtain a copy of the transcript from each college where you have earned postsecondary credit, contact the college's registrar's office. Colleges often charge a fee and/or require a written request for official transcripts.

      Forms to request GED scores, high school or college transcripts may be viewed and printed by clicking the following links:
    • Military service or training transcript(s) – Provide a copy of the DD-214 - copy 4 (separation document), AARTS/ACE, or Community College of the Air Force transcript.
  3. Attend a student orientation session. At student orientation you will receive general information about the college, take a tour of the campus, and complete skill assessment tests. The scores from these assessments will help us advise you on the correct classes for your skill levels. There is no cost to you for this assessment. To make an appointment for an orientation session, call (217) 641-4337. Once you have completed orientation, it is your responsibility to meet with a counselor to review assessment results, discuss a program of study, and register for classes.

Special Circumstances

Listed below are several circumstances which may affect your admission status. Please schedule an appointment with the Admissions Office if any of the following statements apply:
  • You are seeking admittance to a limited enrollment program.
  • You are changing permanent residence.
  • You are attending via chargeback or cooperative agreement from another community college.
  • You are attending as a foreign student.
  • You are currently on probation or suspension from another postsecondary institution.

Contact Us

John Wood Community College
Office of Admissions
1301 South 48th Street
Quincy, IL  62305

Telephone: (217) 641-4338
Website: www.jwcc.edu
E-mail: admissions@jwcc.edu


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